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Biomedical Engineering Employers

Where do Biomedical Engineers Work?

Biomedical engineers are employed in universities, in industry, in hospitals, in research facilities of educational and medical institutions, in teaching, and in government regulatory agencies. They often serve a coordinating or interfacing function, using their background in both the engineering and medical fields. In industry, they may create designs where an in-depth understanding of living systems and of technology is essential. They may be involved in performance testing of new or proposed products. Government positions often involve product testing and safety, as well as establishing safety standards for devices. In the hospital, the biomedical engineer may provide advice on the selection and use of medical equipment, as well as supervising its performance testing and maintenance. They may also build customized devices for special health care or research needs. In research institutions, biomedical engineers supervise laboratories and equipment, and participate in or direct research activities in collaboration with other researchers with such backgrounds as medicine, physiology, and nursing. Some biomedical engineers are technical advisors for marketing departments of companies and some are in management positions.

What Does the Future Demand Look Like for Biomedical Engineers?

The United States Department of Labor reports that “the number of biomedical engineering jobs will increase by 31.4 percent through 2010---double the rate for all other jobs combined.” Overall job growth in this field will average 15.2% through the end of the decade. The U.S. Department of Labor report attributed the rapid rise in biomedical engineering jobs in part to an aging U.S. population and the increasing demand for improved medical devices and systems. Specific growth areas cited in the report included computer-assisted surgery, cellular and tissue engineering, rehabilitation, and orthopedic engineering. 

Employers registered in MountaineerTRAK – (Industry) Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Employer                                                                      City                                           State

Agilent Technologies                                                      Santa Clara                                CA

Alcon Research, Ltd                                                       Huntington                                WV

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals                                       Wilmington                                DE

B&B Microscopes Limited                                              Pittsburgh                                 PA

Bio-Rad Laboratories                                                     Benicia                                      CA

Ceuticalsoft, Inc                                                             Hudson                                      NY

ChaCha Search, Inc.                                                      Carmel                                       IN

Forest Laboratories, Inc.                                                Norfolk                                       VA

J. Craig Venter Institute                                                  Rockville                                   MD

Johnson & Johnson                                                       Warren                                       NJ

Kelly Scientific Resources                                             Troy                                            MI

Mindlance, Inc                                                               Hoboken                                    NJ

Monsanto                                                                      St. Louis                                     MO

Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.                                          Morgantown                               WV

Nexeon MedSystems                                                    Charleston                                  WV

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals                                                 Pittsburgh                                    PA

Protea Biosciences, Inc.                                               Morgantown                                WV

Respironics                                                                   Murrysville                                  PA

Sherwin-Williams Company                                         St. Albans                                   WV

Superior Search Group LLC                                         Matawan                                     NJ

Thermo Fisher Scientific                                               Pittsburgh                                   PA

Vandalia Research, Inc.                                                Huntington                                  WV

Victory Pharma Inc                                                       Cary                                             NC

Warner Chilcott Pharmaceuticals                                 Rockaway                                    NJ

Jobs posted in MountaineerTRAK – (Job Category) Biomedical/Biosystems Engineering

Employer                                                                  City                                           State

Alcon Research, Ltd                                                  Huntington                                 WV

B&B Microscopes Limited                                         Pittsburgh                                  PA

Beckman Coulter                                                      Miami                                         FL

Combined Insurance Company                                Moon Twp.                                 PA

CRCC Asia                                                                Shawnee on Delaware               PA

CSC                                                                          Falls Church                               VA

CSX Corporation                                                      Jacksonville                                FL

Department of Homeland Security (APCP)              Washington                                DC

DuPont                                                                     Wilmington                                 DE

General Electric                                                        Fairfield                                      CT

Halliburton                                                                Houston                                     TX

Ideal Innovations, Inc.                                              Arlington                                    VA

MedImmune                                                           Gaithersburg                               MD

MEDRAD, Inc.                                                         Warrendale                                 PA

Metlife Financial Services                                       Morgantown                               WV

MITRE Corporation                                                 McLean                                      VA

National Space Biomedical Research Institute       Houston                                     TX

Noblis                                                                      Falls Church                               VA

Source One Management, Inc.                               Denver                                       CO

Superior Search Group LLC                                   Matawan                                    NJ

The MITRE Corporation                                         McLean                                      VA

UPMC                                                                     Pittsburgh                                  PA

External Search - Local

Employer                                                               City                                             State

Adecco Technical                                                   Monroeville                                  PA

ARAMARK                                                              Lanham                                       MD

Engineering Resource Group, Inc.                         Kennet Square                             PA

Exponent                                                                Philadelphia                                 PA

Health & Human Services (NIH)                             Montgomery County                   MD

Holy Redeemer Hospital                                        Meadowbrook                             PA

Kaiser Permanente                                                Silver Spring                                MD

ISS Solutions                                                         Langhorne                                   PA

Qiagen                                                                   Germantown                                PA

Quest Diagnostics                                                 Pittsburgh                                    PA

Scientific Search                                                   Allentown                                     PA

Upenn                                                                   Philadelphia                                 PA

UCBPharma                                                          Braine                                         WV

UPMC                                                                   Pittsburgh                                   PA

West Virginia University Hospitals                        Morgantown                                WV


Expanded Search

Employer                                                               City                                           State

NxStage Medical, Inc.                                            Lawrence                                   MA

Texas Health Resources                                         Dallas                                        TX

Veterans Affairs                                                       San Francisco County              CA

TechHive                                                                 San Diego                                  CA

Hill-Rom                                                                  Batesville                                   IN

Genentech                                                              South San Francisco                 CA

Gwinnett Medical Center                                        Duluth                                        GA

KCI                                                                          San Antonio                               TX

Becton, Dickinson & Company                               San Jose                                   CA

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta                              Atlanta                                       GA

Booz Allen Hamilton                                               Arlington                                    VA

ARM                                                                        Oxford                                       UK

Rullion Engineering Personnel                                Essex                                        UK

University of Dundee                                              Dundee                                     Scotland

University of Queensland                                       Brisbane                                    Australia

Gemteq Executive                                                  Sydney                                      Australia

Philips                                                                     Sao Paulo                                 Brazil

GE Healthcare                                                         Buc                                          France

Erasmus MC                                                           Rotterdam                                Netherlands